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Handywrap 150m, strong 23 micron mini rolls of palletwrap

Handywrap 150m, strong 23 micron mini rolls of palletwrap
Excl VAT:  £2.49(+20%)VAT included price £2.99


6 rolls of palletwrap get 18% discount £2.04 each
36 rolls or pallet wrap get 26% trade price £1.84 each


Handywrap/ mini palletwrap, quality 23 micron thickness

Rolls of 23 micron strength mini pallet wrap stretch wrap know as handy wrap.

These stronger mini palletwrap are 150 metre roll of mini sized handy wrap for light commercial or house moving use.

The mini palletwrap rolls are exactly the same as standard palletwrap/ stretchwrap but are 10cm wide rolls instead of the 40cm standard rolls of palletwrap.

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