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Glass-with-care labels 500
quality tear resistant labels.

Glass-with-care labels 500<br>quality tear resistant labels.
Excl VAT:  £13.29(+20%)VAT included price £15.95


2 rolls of warning labels get 5% discount £12.63 each
6 rolls of caution labels get 15% trade price £11.30 each
12+ rolls of advisory labels get 20% wholesale £10.63 each

Higher quality glass with care labels, check our competition

These are much stronger Glass with care, are tear resistant and have high tack adhesive, superior quality labels

Roll of 500 glass with care labels size: 150mm x 48mm (5.9″ x 1.8″)

Large glass with care stickers and labels roll of 500 warning labels.

Polypropylene labels, not paper labels much stronger and tear resistant.
Ideal to keep your glass or porcelain items safe in transit, during house move or in the warehouse.
These warning glass with care labels are made from polypropylene/ vinyl.

Glass with care label dimensions size: 150mm x 48mm (5.9″ x 1.8″) glass with care labels.

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