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A4 Cardboard Boxes 12x9x6 inch Double wall

A4 Cardboard Boxes 12x9x6 inch Double wall£0.75

strong postal cardboard boxes, small double wall box, small but strong boxes 305 x 229 x 152mm

Cardboard Storage Boxes 9 x 7 x 6″

Cardboard Storage Boxes 9 x 7 x 6″£0.83

Very tough double wall cardboard boxes, strong mail-order postal boxes 235 x 170 x 140mm

This-way-up labels 1,000 stronger<br>higher quality & tear resistant

This-way-up labels 1,000 stronger
higher quality & tear resistant

1000 this-way-up 80x110mm tear resistant labels, high quality thiswayup plastic warning stickers

Handle-With-Care Labels 500
superior quality tear resistant, not paper

Handle-With-Care Labels 500<br>superior quality tear resistant, not paper
Excl VAT:  £13.29(+20%)VAT included price £15.95


2 rolls of warning labels get 5% discount £12.63 each
6 rolls of caution labels get 15% trade price £11.30 each
12+ rolls of advisory labels get 20% wholesale £10.63 each

Higher quality handle with care labels, check our competition

These are much stronger handle with care labels they are tear resistant and have high tack adhesive, superior quality labels

A roll of 500 handle-with-care labels size: 80 x 110mm, high quality labels

Large high quality handle-with-care stickers/ labels in a roll of 500

Polypropylene labels or pp labels, not paper labels, they are much stronger and tear resistant, far higher quality than paper.
The labels have a vinyl tear resistant property, with a strong permanent adhesive.
Handlewithcare label dimensions size: 80 x 110mm

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Do-not-crush labels rolls of 1000

Do-not-crush large warning labels, red on white paper warning labels 80x110mm donotcrush caution/ advisory labels


Do-not-stack 1000 warning labels</br>Currently out of stock

Caution labels 80x110mm do-not-stack roll of 1000 donotstack warning stickers trade/ wholesale price


Fragile labels 1000 150x48mm<br>high quality & tear resistant

Fragile warning labels roll of 150 x 48mm caution fragile items packed inside this box


Fragile Labels 500 high quality<br>tear resistant, not paper labels

Fragile labels 150x48mm warning stickers tear resistant plastic fragile packaging labels


Fragile Labels 500 high quality stickers<br> tear resistant, not made from paper

Fragile labels 80x110mm, caution warning labels vinyl tear resistant fragile stickers


Glass-With-Care Labels roll of 500<br>quality tear resistant labels, not paper.

500 glass with care labels 150x48mm high quality vinyl labels, tear resistant stickers


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