House Removal blankets/ furniture moving blankets

Trade, Wholesale & Bulk buy home removal blankets & moving pads

House removal blankets also know as transit blankets are used to protect furniture whilst being transported, these furniture blankets are used to protect wardrobes, sideboards, tables, chairs & drawer units from scratches and knocks whilst being moved. If you have moved furniture before or anything large being transported in a van or lorriy you will know how items will move around and can easily rub against other furniture, place the removal blankets between items to reduce this happening.

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High Quality Removal Blankets LARGE</br>Compare Quilted blankets on Amazon/Ebay

Higher quality, large quilted moving blankets, more durable quilted removal blankets larger 1.8m x 2.2m, Check Amazon & Ebay! (Blue not black)


Furniture Removal Blankets<br>Standard moving blankets, huge stocks

Removal blankets 1.5x2m, house storage & Moving blankets for transporting goods safely


Furniture Moving Blankets LARGE<br>Large Blankets in stock

Large furniture moving blankets, 2 x 2.5m high quality moving blankets for removal firms


LARGE Quilted Moving Blankets<br>Packs of 8 blankets 1.8 x 2.2m

Large quality furniture blankets, 1.8m x 2.2m
Packs of 8 quilted blankets


Standard Moving Blankets in Bales of 25 </br>Furniture Blankets in stock

Standard 2x1.5m moving blankets, for protecting furniture from damage in removal vans


Removal blankets bales of 15 LARGE<br>Large Moving blankets In stock

Large blanket 2x2.5m, high quality removal blankets, for protecting goods in transit/ & furniture storage


Quality Quilted Furniture Blankets 2x1.8m</br>Compare prices with Amazon/Ebay

Higher quality, quilted moving blankets, the more durable quilted removal blankets 1.8m x 2m, Check Amazon & Ebay!


Quilted Moving Blankets Trade 2x1.8m<br>Packs of 8 high quality blankets wholesale

Quality quilted storage blankets, 1.8m x 2m
Packs of 8 quilted furniture blankets


Hard Floor Covers</br> Carpet Protection Druggets

Carpet protection druggets for moving, used by removal companies to protect carpet/ hard flooring


Strong Nylon Furniture Webbing 20m</br>High strength webbing for removal vans

Strong Nylon van/ lorry webbing 38mm wide, strapping for furniture when moving home or transporting/ relocating goods


Strong Cotton Furniture Webbing 20m x 38mm</br>Strong cotton webbing for removal lorries

Strong cotton webbing 38mm wide, used to strap furniture to the walls of the lorry/ van when moving home while transporting/ relocating your furniture


Strong Cotton Furniture Webbing 20m x 50mm</br>High strength wider cotton webbing

Strong cotton webbing 50mm wide, for strapping furniture when moving home while transporting/ relocating your furniture


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House Removals and self-storage reusable furniture blankets

These blankets are non-woven removal blankets which are strong and reusable house moving blankets, used by all the house removal specialist movers to protect your easily damaged furniture while being moved from your old house to your new home.

Even the independent house mover should use removal blankets to avoid scratches as these moving blankets will dramatically reduce rubbing and scratching as your furniture moves around in the van or lorry while being transported.

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