House removal moving kits

We stock a range of removal packs to help you move, but remember you can select as much or as few removal boxes and other packing materials for you removal packs or even choose one of these removal kits and add other boxes to makeup the moving pack you need. Note; you will always need far more removal boxes than you first think.

Prepare in advance for when you move your house, home or office - select from our list of popular removals box packs which include a variety of removals boxes, bubblewrap, tape & tape dispensers, marker pens & safety labels.  Our aim is to take the strain out of moving with our removal packs, and ordering should be easy too!  We have a large range to suit everyone from a one bedroomed flat or office to larger 4,5 or 6 bedroom houses.

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Starter home moving kit with removal boxes

Home moving kits include house removal boxes, packing tape, tape dispenser & bubblewrap


Small house moving kit with removal boxes

Small house moving & self-storage kit with removal boxes & packaging materials for storage


Medium house moving boxes & packaging kit

Medium house moving box packs, with removal boxes, bubblewrap & parcel tape for the boxes


Large house removal kits more than just boxes

Large house removal packing kit, plenty of removal boxes, bubblewrap & tape to move home


Extra large removals pack for the big move

Plenty of removal boxes, the complete moving kit with furniture protectors, tape & bubblewrap


Jumbo house removal pack, all you need!

Jumbo house removal boxes the complete moving kit, bubblewrap, furniture covers and packing tape


Starter removal box packs, just storage boxes

The smaller starter removal boxes kit, for students, small flats & other small home/ office moves


Small moving box pack, just the removal boxes

Small box pack of quality removal boxes, add more storage boxes & packing tape


Medium box pack, just the removal boxes

Medium box pack, 30 strong removal boxes just add parcel tape & bubblewrap


Large pack of removal boxes only the boxes

Large house removal box pack, just the storage boxes then just add packing tape & bubblewrap


Extra large removal box pack just the boxes

Extra large pack of 45 strong removal boxes for moving home, add packing tape & bubblewrap


Jumbo storage box pack just removal boxes

60 strong removal boxes in the pack just boxes, add the packaging materials you need to build a kit


Wrapping paper 10kg Packs of newspaper offcuts

Packing Paper for protecting ornaments, 10kg paper for packaging / wrapping paper for delicate items


Wrapping paper 5kg newspaper offcuts

wrapping paper for protecting ornaments, packing paper/ newspaper offcuts for delicate items



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