Palletwrap/ stretchwrap

Pallet wrap the universal wrapping for pallets to stop movement of goods in transit. Pallet wrap, also known as stretch wrap has an adhesive quality that sticks to itself but not to boxes or your furniture, no sticky residue left on your tables, chairs and wardrobes.

Quality Rolls of Palletwrap / Stretchwrap

Quality Rolls of Palletwrap / Stretchwrap

Quality pallet wrap/ stretch wrap buy trade quality palletwrap in boxes of 6 or retail quantity of single rolls

Handywrap mini rolls of palletwrap/ stretchwrap

Handywrap mini rolls of palletwrap/ stretchwrap

Handy wrap rolls of 10cm wide pallet wrap for wrapping furniture & shelving ready to move home or transport awkward goods

We sell pallet wrap in single 300 metre rolls, boxes of 6 rolls or multiple boxes, with either standard core or the usual extended core pallet wrap, which is used to hand wrap your furniture or pallets.

When pallet wrap is stretched and wrapped around a pallet or your furniture it then shrinks, pulling everything tightly together making it easier to transport. The handy wrap is the narrower 10cm wide rolls of palletwrap used by removal companies and manufacturers, for holding awkward items like shelves and tools together, as it shrinks it holds any item tightly but gently, making it ideal for ornaments.

Featured Products

Black pallet-wrap/ opaque pallet-wrap

Black pallet-wrap 23 micron 250m x 50cm with handles, opaque stretchwrap for hiding contents


Pallet-wrap 20µ 300m rolls of stretch-wrap

Pallet-wrap 20µ 40cm wide stretch-wrap with easy dispensing handles, no dispenser required


Handy wrap 150m 15µ mini rolls of pallet wrap

Roll of handy wrap, mini pallet wrap 10cm wide rolls of stretch wrap, quick way to wrap cupboards, drawers & lengths of shelving.


Pallet-wrap 23µ 230m stretch-wrap rolls

Pallet-wrap 23micron medium strength stretch-wrap used to wrap pallets & wrap furniture whilst being transported by van or lorry


Pallet-wrap handsaver dispenser yellow

Pallet-wrap hand-saver applicator, yellow stretch-wrap dispenser 38mm core manual hand-saver pallet-wrap dispenser


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