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Foam corners 35-45mm

Foam corners 35-45mm£0.75

Foam protection for paintings & picture frames foam guards for furniture & distributed goods

Foam corners protectors</br>15-25mm right angle foam

Foam corners protectors
15-25mm right angle foam

Safety cushioning for furniture & pictures, blue foam corner guards for protecting frames

Foam Corners 25-35mm Bulk

Foam Corners 25-35mm Bulk
Excl VAT:  £0.33(+20%)VAT included price £0.40

Bulk foam corner protection 25-35 mm U profile box quantities.

Trade quantities of U profile bulk foam corner protection 25-35mm width foam padding, 25mm width and 35mm opening.
Protection for corners of newly manufactured products and goods.
Protection during transport, distribution and shipping Ideal protection for furniture edges and corners of large framed paintings and real wood tables etc.
Often used by furniture manufacturers where the larger openings are required.
Self gripping from a minimum of 25 mm to a maximum of 35 mm or check other sizes.
Re-usable foam corners, saves you money and helps save the planet.

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Foam Corners 05-15mm Bulk

Foam corners box of 900 buy at wholesale prices, foam corner guard protection


Foam Corners 15-25mm bulk

Foam corners box of 600 buy at trade prices, foam corner guard protection for picture frames


Foam Corners 35-45mm Bulk

Trade foam corners boxes of 300 buy in bulk for manufacturing, distribution or picture framers



Foam Corners 45-60mm Bulk

Bulk buy foam corners a box of 200 at wholesale prices, large foam corner protection guards


Foam Corners 60-80mm Bulk

Wholesale foam corners a box of 160 large blue foam protective corner guards


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