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premade U profile foam edge guards

Premade & Ready to Use Foam Corners

Foam corner protection, for picture frames, televisions and furniture, but also for protecting your home if you have young children to cover table corners and other sharp edges, we often sell foam corners to nurseries who look after your young children.  Health and safety at work, they help to protect employees from injury around the workplace and factories.

Foam corner protection can be used for moving house or to cushion picture frames and paintings, tables, chairs and even shelving.  Often used by photographers, galleries and museums to protect the picture frames whilst transporting or even storing them.  The two sizes show the approximate minimum and maximum thickness that you require for the U profiles, they will go slightly beyond the described maximum but go too small and it might be too loose.

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Foam corners 05-15mm U15

Foam picture/ photo frame & paintings protection, foam corner guards for protecting fragile edge


Foam corners 15-25mm U25

Safety cushioning for furniture & pictures, blue foam corner guards for protecting frames


Foam corners 25-35mm U35

Protect large picture frames & table corners, corner guards for car parts


Foam corners 35-45mm U45   -   HW

Foam protection for paintings & picture frames foam guards for furniture & distributed goods


Foam corners 45-60mm U60

Foam protective guards for windows, doors & large painting cushioning while being transported


Foam corners 60-80mm U80

Large foam corner guards for frame protection, safely transport or distribution goods


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Multiple Sizes & Many uses for Foam protective Corners

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