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Foam edging 15-25mm 2m U profile

Foam edging 15-25mm 2m U profile
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Foam edging 15 – 25 mm 2 m foam profile

U foam profile 15-25mm width foam padding, 15mm minimum – 25mm maximum opening of the U profile foam

Protection for newly manufactured products and goods Protect during transport, distribution and shipping Ideal protection for furniture edges, paintings & mirrors etc.

Can be cut to fit corners, simply cut a 90 degree corner and bend around the corner

Self gripping foam padding does not require packing tape to hold firmly in place

Foam profiles are used to protect table edge, even with curvers rather than corners

Foam lengths can be used on glass edges, shelving or easily damages long edges< for gentle or sharp curves, simply cut several small or large V shapes, see how easy it is to use?

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