Handywrap mini rolls of palletwrap/ stretchwrap

Handywrap mini rolls of palletwrap for furniture

Handy wrap is the much smaller width rolls of pallet-wrap, handy wrap is used with a smaller applicator or it can be used by hand for wrapping much smaller items like poles, shelf brackets and uprights, even for wrapping around wardrobes and drawer units to stop the doors and drawers opening while you are carrying them to and from the removals van or lorry. Handy wrap is often used in place of packing tape as it does not leave any sticky residue on furniture and the way it stretches as it is applied and then shrinks holding everything quite tight.

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Handy wrap 150m 15µ mini rolls of pallet wrap

Roll of handy wrap, mini pallet wrap 10cm wide rolls of stretch wrap, quick way to wrap cupboards, drawers & lengths of shelving.


Handy wrap 300m 15µ mini pallet wrap rolls

Handy wrap mini rolls of pallet wrap, easy & quick handy-wrap to wrap cupboards & drawer units, use to hold several lengths of shelving whilst carrying


Budget handy-wrap/ pallet-wrap dispenser

Handy-wrap dispenser also std a budget pallet-wrap applicator for the house mover for keeping drawers & cupboard doors shut


Handy wrap dispenser red manual clutch

Quality handy-wrap/ pallet-wrap dispenser with clutch, soft rubber grip squeeze & stop handy-wrap



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Handywrap/ mini palletwrap dispensers

Full size palletwrap is 40-50cm wide but the handywrap is only 10cm wide making it lighter and more easily applied by hand. Although some people use their hands to hold and apply the rolls of handywrap, for ease of use and certainly for business users of the mini rolls of palletwrap we recommend the dispensers above. The Blue handywrap dispenser is the simple budget applicator and requires you to hold the handywrap with an extended finger to be able to stretch it. The Red and Black handywrap dispensers have a manual clutch, basically the red handywrap dispenser has a black rubberised handle, which when squeezed stops the handywarp fromunravelling and so puts tension and then streched the handywrap, then using just one hand can easily wrap the mini palletwrap around the drawer units or garden tools and press on to seal.

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