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Brown packing tape

Brown packing tape£1.25


Brown tape 66 metres x 50mm (2" wide) packaging tape

Bubblewrap 500mm x 100m

Bubblewrap 500mm x 100m£14.96


Bubblewrap 500mm wide rolls of 10mm bubble-wrap for larger ornaments to manufactured goods

Cardboard wardrobe boxes 4ft tall</br>These are full size moving wardrobe boxes

Cardboard wardrobe boxes 4ft tall
These are full size moving wardrobe boxes


Wardrobe removal boxes with carry handles, full size clothes wardrobe boxes are 1220mm/ 4ft tall, the professional house movers choice

Jumbo storage box pack just removal boxes

Jumbo storage box pack just removal boxes
Excl VAT:  £112.46(+20%)VAT included price £134.95

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The Jumbo box pack


Ultimate removals box pack ideal for 5 bedroom plus houses, hoarders and kleptomaniacs!

Jumbo house removal boxes kit.
all the boxes you will need to help you prepare for moving house!
High quality cardboard boxes for storage or whilst moving house.
The jumbo box pack contains 60 strong removal boxes in total.
The jumbo box pack includes:
Qty item
20 x Single wall moving boxes 19 x 12.5 x 14″ removal boxes
20 x Double wall storage boxes 18 x 18 x 12″ removal boxes
20 x Double wall removal boxes 18 x 18 x 20″ moving boxes
(Just the boxes) (excludes wardrobe boxes)
Jumbo box pack

quality cardboard removal boxes/ self-storage boxes all in one jumbo box pack.

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Large pack of removal boxes only the boxes

Large house removal box pack, just the storage boxes then just add packing tape & bubblewrap


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Wrapping paper 5kg newspaper offcuts

wrapping paper for protecting ornaments, newspaper offcuts for wrapping delicate items


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