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Wrapping paper 5kg newspaper offcuts

Wrapping paper 5kg newspaper offcuts£8.33

wrapping paper for protecting ornaments, newspaper offcuts for wrapping delicate items

White wedding dress cover 72" white plastic

White wedding dress cover 72'' white plastic
Excl VAT:  £2.92(+20%)VAT included price £3.50


5+ mattress & sofa covers 10% discount £2.63 each
10+ bed settee covers get 20% trade price £2.34 each
25+ mattress & sofa covers 30% wholesale £2.04 each
75+ bed settee covers get 38% trade price £1.81 each
150+ mattress & sofa covers 42% wholesale £1.69 each

Discounts apply across all mattress & settee covers

2 2-seater settee covers, 1 3-seater & 2 mattress covers will give the 5+ discount price, buy 10+ items and the discount increases.

Fits wedding dresses, church robes, religious gowns and costumes

Strong and durable polythene / plastic cover
Zip fronted white wedding dress covers

These are the much longer 72 inch (6ft long) depth for the longer coats and jackets to costumes and ladies dresses, especially wedding dresses and party costumes

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Dress cover to store longer garments, military uniforms, religious gowns & theatrical costumes


Long wedding dress cover 72″ clear plastic

Wedding dress, theatrical costumes, religious gowns and uniforms protection from damp & dust


Suit, jacket, dress & garment cover 40″ zip-up

Suit/ short jacket & dress garment cover also for shirts & trousers with front zip


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