House removal boxes

We have selected the best sized removal boxes to help you move home or office, from the strong single walled removal box to the larger and stronger double walled moving boxes.

Our house removal boxes are mostly double walled and therefore strong boxes, they can be reused, why not give them to your friends after you have moved house, remember re-using removal boxes is a far greater use of the worlds ecological resources than recycling.

For ease of carrying these removal boxes we make them a maximum of 18 inches  / 45cm wide which is approximately the width of a persons shoulders. But do not overfil them, the first box you carry down stairs maybe ok, but after 4 or 5 removal boxes full of clothes and books, they will get heavy, take care of your back!
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Removal boxes 18x18x12 dbl

Removal boxes 18x18x12 dbl  (2)

Medium house removal boxes


Removal boxes 18x18x20 dbl

Removal boxes 18x18x20 dbl  (1)

Large strong storage removal boxes


Storage boxes 18x12x12 dbl

Storage boxes 18x12x12 dbl  (1)

Very strong double walled boxes


Wardrobe boxes 4ft tall

Wardrobe boxes 4ft tall  (1)

Easy to move wardrobe boxes


Cardboard boxes 19x13x13″ sgl

Cardboard boxes 19x13x13″ sgl

Cardboard boxes very strong yet single walled


Cardboard boxes large 24x18x18

Cardboard boxes large 24x18x18

Cardboard boxes Extra large removal box


Wrapping paper 5kg

Wrapping paper 5kg

wrapping paper for ornaments



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storage & removal boxes