Pistol grip tape dispensers

Tape dispensers/ Tape applicators

These are the type of tape dispensers used in warehouses & production lines as they speed up the packing of boxes and reduce wasted time and effort. these tape dispensers are easy and quick to load, once you watch someone load them up with tape.
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Marker pen

Marker Pen, thick point black or blue ink for marking the boxes when moving home


Pistol grip tape dispenser budget

Tape dispenser handheld gun style applicator


Quality tape dispenser

Pistol grip warehouse tape dispenser


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Trade quality & priced dispensers

From basic simple tape dispensers to higher quality pistol grip tape dispensers, we stock a range of applicators to make packing your boxes more efficient.

Our pistol grip tape dispensers make sealing boxes ready for distribution efforless in warehouses or distribution depots.

Whether you are moving house or selling goods one ebay or amazon you need to use a tape dispenser for rapid wrapping of boxes

Most of our pistol grip tape dispensers are made for 2″ wide/ 50mm wide packaging tapes but they work equally well with 1″ wide/ 25mm width rolls of cellotape, this makes christmas, birthday and wedding presents easy to wrap.

Sending care packages, boxes for soldiers
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