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Trade Foam Edging 45-60mm 2m HW

Trade Foam Edging 45-60mm 2m HW
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Foam edging 45 – 60mm 2 mtr for protecting large pictures.

Foam edging sold in bulk lengths of foam.

2 metre length foam edge protection 45-60mm width foam padding, 45mm width and 60mm opening.

Sold in bulk lengths of foam, full box quantities.
Ideal protection for furniture edges, large framed paintings and real wood tables etc.
Can be cut to fit, simply use a pair of scissors or sharp knife cut a 90 degree triangle & fit.
Self gripping on table or picture frame edges, no tape or glue usually required.
Re-usable bulk foam protection, for around table tops, chairs, mirrors as well as pictures and paintings.
Often used by the motor industry and other manufacturing businesses.
Used by photographers, art galleries and museums to protect valuable paintings and picture frames from damage whilst in storage or being transported.
The foam edging will fit over low hanging support bars to protect peoples heads on metal edges.
Health and safety, these foam U profile edges protect employees from hard or injury at work.
Avoid employee injuries by padding any open metal supports or low overhead beams health & safety.
Often used by furniture manufacturers and building contractors, bulk foam bought i box quantities of 50 foam lengths.

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