Wardrobe Storage Boxes

Quality & Reusable Wardrobe Storage Boxes

The Box Warehouse supplies cardboard wardrobe boxes that are excellent for storing your clothes during your move. Wardrobe storage boxes offer complete protection to your clothes during your house move.

Each box comes with hanging bars included. You can leave your clothes hung during the removal process. Each wardrobe box offers space at the bottom for accessories such as shoes, handbags, belts etc.

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Large removal boxes 36x18x10''</br>Large lay flat clothes box

Cardboard boxes, large removal boxes for moving house 915x458x254mm, layflat clothing box


Archive boxes 15x12x10 inch A4</br>A strong archiving boxes & hinged lid

Quality archive boxes strong A4 storage boxes for archiving business files or moving home


Large Archive Boxes 17.5x14x12 inch</br>Super sized Archive box with hinged lid

Large archive boxes, XL file storage archiver boxes for archiving business files or moving home


Cardboard wardrobe boxes 4ft tall</br>The full size moving wardrobe box


Wardrobe removal boxes with carry handles, full size clothes wardrobe boxes are 1220mm/ 4ft tall, the professional house movers choice


Shorter cardboard wardrobe boxes 38'' tall

Shorter Wardrobe boxes with handles, inc hanging bar, temporary wardrobe boxes 960mm/ 3ft 2"tall, the professional house movers choice


Additional wardrobe box hangers

Hanging rail for cardboard wardrobe boxes, just the hangers


Wrapping paper 5kg newspaper offcuts

wrapping paper for protecting ornaments, packing paper/ newspaper offcuts for delicate items


Wrapping paper 10kg Packs of newspaper offcuts

Packing Paper for protecting ornaments, 10kg paper for packaging / wrapping paper for delicate items



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Easy Carry Handle Wardrobe Storage Boxes

These are strong and tall corrugated wardrobe storage boxes, used widely by the removals and storage industry for moving and storing suits, dresses, long coats even costumes, military uniforms and religious gowns and any other items of clothing kept on clothes hangers. These wardrobe boxes are easy to carry, they reduce creasing, cover your suits and dresses from rain, dust or general moving grime and they also have space at the bottom to put your shoes, belts and ties into.

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