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A4 Cardboard boxes 12x9x12 inch single walled

A4 Cardboard boxes 12x9x12 inch single walled£0.58

Single wall cardboard box A4 base used in offices/ posting boxes, mail-order; 305x229x305

A4 Cardboard boxes 12x9x9 inch Single wall box

A4 Cardboard boxes 12x9x9 inch Single wall box£0.54

A4 Cardboard boxes single wall postal box for storing office files; 305x229x229mm

Archive boxes 15x12x10 inch A4</br>A strong archiving boxes & hinged lid

Archive boxes 15x12x10 inch A4
A strong archiving boxes & hinged lid

Quality archive boxes strong A4 storage boxes for archiving business files or moving home

Cardboard Storage Boxes 16x16x16 inch

Cardboard Storage Boxes 16x16x16 inch
Excl VAT:  £2.50(+20%)VAT included price £3.00

  30 cardboard boxes get   8% discount £2.30 per box

  90 cardboard boxes get 15% discount £2.13 per box

180 cardboard boxes get 20% discount £2.00 per box

Only available for deliver, not kept in stock

Large book boxes double walled Cubed box

Boxes can be used for general house moving

They are of a size to hold heavier items and still be able to carry the box

House removal boxes 16x16 x 16 inch storage boxes

High quality double wall boxes ideal for storing and moving

Box sizes:

16x16x16″ (16 inches high)

Metric: 406x406x406 mm (406mm tall)

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Cardboard boxes 14x14x14″ square box

Square storage boxes 14x14x14″ strong cubed cardboard boxes


Cardboard wardrobe boxes 4ft tall</br>The full size moving wardrobe box


Wardrobe removal boxes with carry handles, full size clothes wardrobe boxes are 1220mm/ 4ft tall, the professional house movers choice


Removal boxes 18x18x20″</br>Large moving boxes


Large removal boxes, self-storage cardboard boxes for large bulky items 457x457x510mm


Removal boxes 18x18x10″<br>house mover boxes

Medium house removal boxes, mid range storage boxes for moving
457 x 457 x 254mm


Cardboard Removal Boxes<br>18x13x13 '' Movers Boxes

Cardboard movers boxes 18x13x13 ", strong double wall removal boxes


Cardboard Boxes 12x9x6 inch A4 Double wall

strong postal cardboard boxes, small double wall box, small but strong boxes 305 x 229 x 152mm


Cardboard Postal Boxes 9x6x6 inch Double Wall

strong posting boxes, a small double wall cardboard postal box, 229x152x152mm


Cardboard Boxes 12x12x12 inch for Plates

Cubed 12" square cardboard boxes double walled, ideal for plates/ cans & jars 305 x 305 x 305mm


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