Double wall storage boxes

We stock a range of strong double wall boxes, two corrugated walled cardboard boxes. Our double wall boxes range from small double wall postal boxes, to medium sized removal boxes and storage boxes to larger boxes for moving the lighter bulkier items. We also stock and sell larger double wall boxes for industrial and commercial storage and transportation of goods.

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A4 Cardboard Storage Boxes 12x9x6'' DW

A4 Cardboard Storage Boxes 12x9x6" DW

strong postal cardboard boxes, small double wall storage box carton, small but strong boxes


Cardboard Storage Boxes 9x7x6″ DW

Cardboard Storage Boxes 9x7x6″ DW

Small yet very tough cardboard double wall boxes very strong postal boxes for mail order delivery


A4 Cardboard Boxes 12x9x9'' DW

A4 Cardboard Boxes 12x9x9" DW

A4 Cardboard boxes double walled A4 base used by printers, ideal for magazines or paperwork


Strong Cardboard Boxes 12x12x12'' for plates

Strong Cardboard Boxes 12x12x12" for plates

Cubed 12" square cardboard boxes double walled, ideal for plates & other small heavy items


cardboard Removal Boxes 18x12x12 Book box

cardboard Removal Boxes 18x12x12 Book box  (1)

Very strong double walled boxes, used for heavy files & documents, kitchen cans, jars & even CDs


Storage / Book Boxes 17x15x14'' Dw

Storage / Book Boxes 17x15x14" Dw

Cardboard storage boxes double wall cartons, larger book boxes/ storage box


Removal Boxes 18x18x12 MEDIUM

Removal Boxes 18x18x12 MEDIUM  (2)

Medium size house removal boxes, mid range storage boxes for moving clothes & shoes


Removal Boxes 18x18x20 LARGE

Removal Boxes 18x18x20 LARGE  (1)

Large strong home removal boxes, self-storage cardboard boxes for shoes, toys & bulky items


Cardboard Removal Boxes XLARGE 24x18x18

Cardboard Removal Boxes XLARGE 24x18x18

Self-storage cardboard boxes, extra large removal boxes for laying flat clothing when moving house


Large Storage Boxes 23x23x21'' DW

Large Storage Boxes 23x23x21" DW

Cardboard storage boxes very large distribution & storage boxes, for export or warehouse storage


Export Quality Cardboard Boxes 30x20x20″

Export Quality Cardboard Boxes 30x20x20″

Cardboard boxes export quality double wall cartons, large storage boxes two man lift


Cardboard Wardrobe Boxes

Cardboard Wardrobe Boxes  (1)

Wardrobe storage box with handles, includes clothes hanger, temporary wardrobe boxes


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Double wall is the double corrugation separated by a layer of paper, the second wall gives much stronger and more rigid cardboard box, less likely to buckle or crush when stacked.  We would always recommend using the stronger double walled boxes for strength, but also durability, as these boxes can be used again, gift them forward to friends that are moving or keep the boxes after you have moved, for future use.

Double walled boxes are constructed like this;

Double wall boxes

Single wall boxes are manufactured like this;

Single wall boxes

The type of paper used in manufacturing these boxes and the size and style of the corrugation will add to the strength of the box and the cost.  The lighter weight boxes are cheaper to post and far cheaper to manufacture, which is why we invite our customers to visit our showroom and see the difference in quality to that of ebay sellers and other online cheap removal box suppliers.


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