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Bubblewrap 400mm x 100m

Bubblewrap 400mm x 100m£12.46

Bubblewrap 40cm wide rolls standard size bubble-wrap for large ornaments, pictures & furniture

Foam corners 35-45mm

Foam corners 35-45mm£0.75

Foam protection for paintings & picture frames foam guards for furniture & distributed goods

Foam corners 45-60mm

Foam corners 45-60mm£0.83

Foam protective guards for windows, doors & large painting cushioning while being transported

Fragile labels 150x48mm 10 budget

Fragile labels 150x48mm 10 budget
Excl VAT:  £0.84(+20%)VAT included price £1.01


10+ packs of caution labels get 25% discount £0.76 each
50+ packs or warning labels get 33% trade price £0.67 each

Pack of 10 warning labels size: 150mm x 48mm (5.9″ x 1.8″)

Large fragile stickers and labels pack of 10 warning labels.

Pack of 10 large fragile labels per pack.
Polypropylene fragile labels, not paper labels much stronger and tear resistant

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Do not crush labels 80x110mm 10s

Packs of 10 do not crush labels tear resistant


Do not stack labels 80-110mm 10s

Packs of 10 do not stack paper labels


Do-not-use-sharps labels 80-110mm 10s

Do not use sharps labels packs of 10


Fragile labels 80x110mm 10s

Fragile warning labels packs of 10


Glass-with-care labels 150x48mm 10s

Caution glass with care labels packs of 10


Handle-with-care labels 80x110mm 10s

Warning handle-with-care quality labels packs of 10


This-way-up labels 80x110mm 10s

This way up labels packs of 10 stickers


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