Warning Stickers/ Caution Stickers packs of 10

Retail quantities of Fragile warning labels

Packs of 10 warning postal labels and advisory labels for advising people to use caution when carrying, moving or lifting boxes. These are small packs of just 10 warning labels, used as samples before buying in bulk or for the self move, house mover just needing a small number of fragile labels. The smaller quanitity packs of wraning labels are used for packing items sold on Ebay or other online sales websites to tell the couriers how to handle and take care of the goods being transported.

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Do not crush labels 80x110mm 10s

Packs of 10 do not crush labels tear resistant


Do not stack labels 80-110mm 10s

Packs of 10 do not stack paper labels


Fragile labels 150x48mm packs of 10

Fragile labels 150 x 48 mm packs of 10


Fragile labels 150x48mm 10 budget

Fragile labels 150 x 48mm packs of 10 warning labels for boxes budget tear resistant labels


Fragile labels 80x110mm 10s

Fragile warning labels packs of 10


Glass-with-care labels 150x48mm 10s

Caution glass with care labels packs of 10


Handle-with-care labels 80x110mm 10s

Warning handle-with-care quality labels packs of 10


Handle-with-care labels 10s cheap

Caution handle with care labels packs of 10 warning stickers cheaper version


Do-not-use-sharps labels 80-110mm 10s

Do not use sharps labels packs of 10


This-way-up labels 80x110mm 10s

This way up labels packs of 10 stickers


Pack of 6 removals labels

Selection of caution labels£0.67


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Fragile & Handle-with-care labels from Stock

We stock numerous warning labels, all neatly packed in resealable plastic bags, often bought as samples before purchasing the larger rolls of 500 or 1000 labels.

Some are printed on paper but most are printed on polypropylene or plastic labels which are more durable as they are tear resistant labels and have a stronger adhesive quality.

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