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Black Warehouse Pallet Strapping
0.7mm 12mm 1500m 185kg

Black Warehouse Pallet Strapping<br>0.7mm 12mm 1500m 185kg
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Warehouse pallet strapping for securing goods

Hand strapping for warehouse and distribution depots.

0.7mm thick strapping, medium strength hand pallet coils for securing boxes before being transported.

12mm width polyprop banding, the standard width size for most hand and semi automatic banding devices.

185kg breaking strain, used for heavier goods, including bales of blankets.

1500 metres long so you should have plenty to strap up your pallets.

Polypropylene (polyprop) strapping is available in different breaking strains, see our other variations.

Can be used with tensioners, sealer or combination tools.

This pallet strapping can be used with manual or automatic hand held tensioners.

Can be used with metal seals or automatic tensioners that melt the banding to secure it.

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