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Book Boxes 18 x 12 x 12''<br>Strong, Small Moving Box

Book Boxes 18 x 12 x 12"
Strong, Small Moving Box


Very strong double walled boxes, ideal book box also heavy files, cans & jars 457 x 305 x 305mm

Bubblewrap 750mm x 100m

Bubblewrap 750mm x 100m£19.96

Bubblewrap 75cm wide rolls, half a full bundle of bubble-wrap small fridge & washing machines

Cardboard Wardrobe Boxes 4ft tall</br>These are full size moving wardrobe boxes

Cardboard Wardrobe Boxes 4ft tall
These are full size moving wardrobe boxes


Wardrobe removal boxes with carry handles, full size clothes wardrobe boxes are 1220mm/ 4ft tall, the professional house movers choice

Strong Nylon Furniture Webbing 20m High strength webbing for removal vans

Strong Nylon Furniture Webbing 20m High strength webbing for removal vans
Excl VAT:  £7.46(+20%)VAT included price £8.95


order   3 webbing get 10% discount     £6.71 each
order   6 webbing get 15% trade price £6.34 each
order 12 webbing get 20% wholesale  £5.97 each
order 24 webbing get 25% wholesale  £5.60 each

Furniture Webbing Straps for securing goods in transit

Strong nylon webbing straps 20m long and easily cut to smaller lengths if needed.

Secure your furniture, unlike rope which will cut into and damage your furniture, webbing straps are flat so covering a larger area and wont dig into and damage your tables and sideboards,

Webbing straps or sometimes referred to as lashings or tie-downs have mulitple uses but most often used by reputable removal companies to secure your household furniture, whilst in transit to your new home.

Nyulon Webbing for Moving Home houshold furniture

This strong webbing is used for securing items in transit / on pallets in the lorry or on a van.

This webbing is used by home and business removal companies 20m long/ 66ft in length.

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Quality Quilted Furniture Blankets LARGE</br>Compare Amazon/Ebay</br>Large quantity available or buy

Higher quality, large quilted moving blankets, the more durable quilted removal blankets are much larger 1.8m x 2.2m, Check Amazon & Ebay!


LARGE Quilted Moving Blankets Trade<br>Packs of 8 large blankets wholesale</br>Quilted blankets in stock.

Large quality furniture blankets, 1.8m x 2.2m
Packs of 8 large quilted furniture blankets


Hard Floor / Carpet Protection Druggets

Carpet protection druggets for moving, used by removal companies to protect carpet/ hard flooring


Furniture Removal Blankets<br>Standard moving blankets, huge stocks

Removal blankets 1.5x2m, house storage & Moving blankets for transporting goods safely


Furniture Moving Blankets LARGE<br>Large Blankets in stock

Large furniture moving blankets, 2 x 2.5m high quality moving blankets for removal firms


Standard Moving Blankets in Bales of 25 </br>Furniture Blankets full bales in stock</br>1000+ moving blankets

Standard 2x1.5m moving blankets, for protecting furniture from damage in removal vans


Removal blankets bales of 15 LARGE<br>Large Moving blankets In stock

Large blanket 2x2.5m, high quality removal blankets, for protecting goods in transit/ & furniture storage


Strong Cotton Furniture Webbing 20m x 38mm</br>High strength cotton webbing for removal vans

Strong cotton webbing 38mm wide, for strapping furniture when moving home while transporting/ relocating your furniture


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