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Decluttering your home before moving

29 August 2018  |  Admin

Decluttering your home before Moving


Ship full of decluttered furniture & belongings

Reducing stress and hard work on moving day, that is the goal for all but how.

You could start running and join a gym to build up strength and endurance, but thats just daft!

It may sound simple but reducing the amount of work, reducing the amount of 'stuff' you need to move must be a priority.  Some people put everything they don't need into storage which is a good idea and then move it in to your new home bit by bit, but you are still moving junk around.  You know the junk you always meant to throw away but just couldn't get rid of the newspaper article from 8 years ago (you cant even remember why you wanted it, but you just do), the thingamybo you thought would come in handy five years ago ete etc, just get rid!

Yes, get a skip or find out when the local tip is open and start going through your home, room by room and actually throw things away.  My tip, don't do it alone as you will persuade yourself you need to keep it, get a friend to help you.  

Be ruthless, I once tried this with my parents, we emptied, well I emptied the entire contents of a double garage onto their driveway and went through it all, everything was moved from one place to another part of the drive that they wanted to keep, the remainder went into the bins, we didnt fill even one bin.  We put everything back, the point is you need to be hard and throw everything away that you haven't seen in over 3 years as you will never use it, no matter how shiny or potentially useful it might one day be.


Basically be tough, be ruthless and declutter, it will save you so much stress on moving day.


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