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On Moving-Day

16 August 2017  |  Admin

How to avoid damage and avoid having items stolen

It may be impossible to avoid the odd problem, scratches or damaged items or even loss but we can reduce these significantly by taking control of moving day.


It may be a sad thought but there are one or two bad apples in the house moving/ removals trade, not to mention a busy company may often have to use temporary staff who they don't know.  If you have 2,3 or even more removals people packing up and moving your items to the removal lorry and you are also running around, anything could be happening 'out of sight'.  Here are a few point to remember on your moving day:

1- Stop, take a deep breath and think, if you are rushing around and look out of control the removals people will see this and wont be worried about how they treat your furniture as you are panicking to much to notice. Let the removal people see you are in control and in charge of what is going on, if you look confident and are watching them, they will be more careful.

2 - Have a clipboard, yes even if its just got your groceries listed, the removals guys will see you are in control and organised so they will be more methodical and take more care.

3 - Take lots of photos; Not just for the potential of an insurance claim as you will have photos before, during the move and when they are unloaded and unpacked, but also it lets them know you are watching them and you have pictures of them and your furniture before during and after the move so they will be far more careful handling everything.

Remember, look in control and be organised, if the removals people know you are watching them, they will be far more careful and definitely wont steal anything.

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