Bubblewrap 20mm Large Bubble Wrap

Bigger Bubble Rolls of Bubblewrap

Bubble wrap but with the larger 20mm bubbles, always think about what you need to protect and which type/ size of bubble wrap is right for the job. The large bubbles offer thicker protection but take up a lot more space, often used for much larger items, but sometimes the large bubblewrap is used for personal choice.

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Large bubblewrap 500mm x 50m

Large 20mm bubblewrap 500mm x 50m the larger bubble-wrap bubbles offer more protection


Large bubblewrap 750mm x 50m

Large 20mm bubblewrap 750mm x 50m long, bigger bubbles to wrap & transport goods


Large bubblewrap 1000mm x 50m

Large bubblewrap 1m x 50m roll, 20mm larger bubble for wrapping bulky items when moving


Large bubblewrap 1200mm x 50m

Large 20mm bubble bubblewrap 1200mm x 50m long trade sized rolls of bubble-wrap


Large bubblewrap 1500mm x 50m


Large 20mm wide roll bubblewrap 1500mm x 50m long, for very large furniture needing extra padding



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Large Bubblewrap, Trade / Wholesale Discounts

Large bubble wrap with its bigger 20mm diameter bubble, large bubble-wrap is often used to protect much larger items where more padding and bubble-wrap protection is needed, if you are storing or transporting pianos, sideboards, wardrobes or tables, the 20mm diameter large bubblewrap has the added protection required. The large bubble wrap comes in rolls of a full 50 metres long and in widths of 50 and 75mm wide, 1000mm and upto 1.5 metre widths of large bubble. All large bubble-wrap is for sale from stock or for collection from our birmingham shop, by overnight courier to your home or workplace or we can often offer a same day local delivery within Birmingham and Coventry. Please call for advice, for more information or to place an order for large bubble-wrap.

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