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Fragile tape 66m x 48mm

Fragile tape 66m x 48mm£1.67

Fragile tape roll 66mx48mm (2" wide) packing tape

Brown packing tape

Brown packing tape£1.25


Brown tape 66 metres x 50mm (2" wide) packaging tape

Removal boxes 18x18x12''<BR>Medium moving box

Removal boxes 18x18x12"
Medium moving box


Medium size house removal boxes, mid range storage boxes for moving 457 x 457 x 305mm

Large bubblewrap 500mm x 50m

Large bubblewrap 500mm x 50m
Excl VAT:  £14.96(+20%)VAT included price £17.95

National Delivery:  Surcharge per item of £1.50
Local delivery, standard local charge only.


3 a bundle of bubble wrap get 20% discount £11.97 each
6 rolls of bubblewrap get 25% trade price £11.22 each
24 rolls of bubblewrap get 35%wholesale £9.72 each

Large bubblewrap 500mm x 50m roll of 20mm cushioning

Use large bubblewrap to protect goods during manufacture, transport, distribution and shipping.

Collect your bubblewrap in person and take any quantity from one roll to a van full of lovely bublewrap!

Discounts on 50cm wide x 50 metre bubble wrap are:
One bundle = 3 rolls of large bubble wrap 2 bundles + of large bubblewrap 5 bundles + of bigger bubble wrap 10 bundles plus of large bubble wrap.

Size: Width: 500mm (19.2″) Length: 50m (164′)

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Large bubblewrap 1000mm x 50m

Large bubblewrap 1m x50m roll, 20mm larger bubble for wrapping bulky items when moving


Large bubblewrap 1200mm x 50m

Large 20mm bubble bubblewrap 1200mm x50m long trade sized rolls of bubble-wrap


Large bubblewrap 1500mm x 50m


Large 20mm wide roll bubblewrap 1500mm x50m long, for very large furniture needing extra padding


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