Moving tools, box knives, bungee cords & strapping

House moving tools & Gadgets

We offer house removal packs which are a pre chosen range of house moving kits, rolls of bubblewrap in different widths but all 100 metres long (enough for anyone to use), plus other packaging such as U profile foam corners of different sizes, wrapping paper for ornaments, packing tape & hand held tape dispensers, self-storage boxes, sofa covers for any type of sofas.

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Marker pen with thick knib

Marker Pen, thick point black or blue ink for marking the boxes when moving home


Bungee cargo net

12 hook bungee cargo net, Blackspur


Rope 15mx6mm rope

Rope 15m x 6mm polypropylene rope


Rope 30m x5mm rope

Rope 30m x 5mm polypropylene PP rope


Ratchet strap 25mm x 2m 2pc Blackspur

Ratchet trap 25mm x 2m 2pc Blackspur


Strong Cotton Furniture Webbing 20m x 38mm</br>Strong cotton webbing for removal lorries

Strong cotton webbing 38mm wide, used to strap furniture to the walls of the lorry/ van when moving home while transporting/ relocating your furniture


Strong Cotton Furniture Webbing 20m x 50mm</br>High strength wider cotton webbing

Strong cotton webbing 50mm wide, for strapping furniture when moving home while transporting/ relocating your furniture


Strong Nylon Furniture Webbing 20m</br>High strength webbing for removal vans

Strong Nylon van/ lorry webbing 38mm wide, strapping for furniture when moving home or transporting/ relocating goods


Wheel 40mm Castors

Single wheel castors 40mm diameter.
Suitable for domestic home use and commercial.


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Knives, Rope & Ratchet straps

We also stock a range of hand house moving tools from ratchet straps and webbing for holding your furniture in place whilst being transported to hand tools such as screwdrivers pliers & box opening knives, even marker pens all of our house moving tools are available from our showroom in birmingham or as part of an online order for boxes and packaging materials for moving.

Also from our packaging range are cardboard boxes, warning labels, warning tapes, and other tools and accessories to help you move home, transport goods or package your goods and furniture into storage. We have everything you might need!

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