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Kingsize mattress cover 5ft king sized beds

Kingsize mattress cover 5ft king sized beds£4.96

5ft wide Kingsize mattress cover, king sized strong polythene protector for self-storage or moving

Removal boxes for books 18x12x12''<br>Small yet very strong moving box

Removal boxes for books 18x12x12"
Small yet very strong moving box


Very strong double walled boxes, ideal book box also heavy files, cans & jars 457 x 305 x 305mm

Brown packing tape

Brown packing tape£1.25


Brown tape 66 metres x 50mm (2" wide) packaging tape

Pallet-wrap 23µ 230m stretch-wrap rolls

Pallet-wrap 23µ 230m stretch-wrap rolls
Excl VAT:  £11.66(+20%)VAT included price £13.99


6 rolls of palletwrap get 18% discount £9.56 each
36 rolls or pallet wrap get 26% trade price £8.63 each


Pallet wrap 23micron 230m x 40cm stretch wrap

Full size stretch wap / pallet wrap with extended cores for easy application

Quality 23 micron strength stretch wrap Stretch wrap for light commercial (pallets) or house moving use.

This stretch wrap is 230metres long 40cm wide and 23 micron density.

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Black pallet-wrap/ opaque pallet-wrap

Black pallet-wrap 23 micron 250m x 40cm with handles, opaque stretchwrap for hiding contents


Hand-saver budget palletwrap dispenser

Hand saver palletwrap applicator, budget stretchwrap dispenser for 38mm core pallet-wrap


Pallet-wrap 20µ 300m rolls of stretch-wrap

Pallet-wrap 20µ 40cm wide stretch-wrap with easy dispensing handles, no dispenser required


Pallet-wrap handsaver dispenser yellow

Pallet-wrap hand-saver applicator, yellow stretch-wrap dispenser 38mm core manual hand-saver pallet-wrap dispenser


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