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Black pallet-wrap/ standard core 23mu</br>Black stretchwrap 50cm wide

Black pallet-wrap/ standard core 23mu
Black stretchwrap 50cm wide

Black pallet-wrap 23 micron 200m x 50cm standard core for use with dispenser, opaque stretch-wrap, please note 50mm inner core

Bubblewrap 1000mm x 100m

Bubblewrap 1000mm x 100m£24.13


Bubblewrap 1 metre wide bundle of small bubble for protecting large pictures/ TVs & furniture

Clear packing tape 50mmx 66m

Clear packing tape 50mmx 66m£1.25

Clear tape 50mmx 66m (2" wide) box packing tape

Hand-saver budget palletwrap dispenser

Hand-saver budget palletwrap dispenser
Hand-saver budget palletwrap dispenserHand-saver budget palletwrap dispenserHand-saver budget palletwrap dispenserHand-saver budget palletwrap dispenser
Excl VAT:  £9.95(+20%)VAT included price £11.94


6 rolls of palletwrap get 18% discount £8.16 each
36 rolls or pallet wrap get 26% trade price £7.36 each


Palletwrap budget dispenser.

Protects your hands for wrapping your pallets with the budget dispenser in two parts.

Use with any 38 mm core stretch wrap/ palletwrap rolls of film.

Light weight, easy to use budget dispenser pallet wrap applicator.

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Black pallet-wrap/ opaque pallet-wrap

Black pallet-wrap 23 micron 250m x 40cm with handles, opaque stretchwrap for hiding contents


Handy wrap 300m 15µ mini pallet wrap rolls

Handy wrap mini rolls of pallet wrap, easy & quick handy-wrap to wrap cupboards & drawer units, use to hold several lengths of shelving whilst carrying


Pallet-wrap 20µ 300m rolls of stretch-wrap

Pallet-wrap 20µ 40cm wide stretch-wrap with easy dispensing handles, no dispenser required


Pallet-wrap 23µ 230m stretch-wrap rolls

Pallet-wrap 23micron medium strength stretch-wrap used to wrap pallets & wrap furniture whilst being transported by van or lorry


Pallet-wrap handsaver dispenser yellow

Pallet-wrap hand-saver applicator, yellow stretch-wrap dispenser 38mm core manual hand-saver pallet-wrap dispenser


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