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Fragile tape 66m x 48mm

Fragile tape 66m x 48mm£1.67

Fragile tape roll 66mx48mm (2" wide) packing tape

Quality tape dispenser

Quality tape dispenser£8.29

Pistol grip warehouse tape dispenser

Armchair cover

Armchair cover£3.29

Armchair single seat plastic covers for self-storage & house removals to protect from dust & dirt

Quality clear tape 50mm x 66m

Quality clear tape 50mm x 66m
Excl VAT:  £2.08(+20%)VAT included price £2.50

6 - packing tape get 10% discount £1.87 per roll
12 packing tape get 15% trade price £1.77 per roll
36 packing tape get 20% wholesale £1.66 per roll
72 packing tape get 23% wholesale £1.60 a roll

Quality clear packing tape

Dimensions for this quality clear tape: 66m long x 50mm wide 216ft (72 yards) x 2 inches wide standard width

High quality clear tape tape or high quality tape.
Superior strength clear packaging tape 50mm x 66 metres.
Quality clear tape high quality clear / translucent/ transparent tape general purpose tape for home or warehouse use

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Brown packing tape


Brown tape 66 metres x 50mm (2" wide) packaging tape


Caution-check-contents tape

Caution check contents/ packaging tape 66m roll


Clear packing tape 50mmx 66m

Clear tape 50mmx 66m (2" wide) box packing tape


Contents-checked-security sealed tape

Contents checked & security sealed tape 66m


Fragile tape 66m x 48mm

Fragile tape roll 66mx48mm (2" wide) packing tape


Masking tape

Masking tape 2"/ 50mm wide 50 metre length


Quality brown tape 50mm x 66m

Quality brown packing tape 50mm x 66m (2" wide)


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