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Furniture Moving Blankets LARGE

Furniture Moving Blankets LARGE£5.83

Large furniture moving blankets, 2 x 2.5m high quality moving blankets for removal firms

Black pallet-wrap/ standard core 23mu</br>Black stretchwrap 50cm wide

Black pallet-wrap/ standard core 23mu
Black stretchwrap 50cm wide

Black pallet-wrap 23 micron 200m x 50cm standard core for use with dispenser, opaque stretch-wrap, please note 50mm inner core

Brown packing tape

Brown packing tape£1.25


Brown tape 66 metres x 50mm (2" wide) packaging tape

Quilted Furniture Blankets 2m x 1.8m

Quilted Furniture Blankets 2m x 1.8m
Excl VAT:  £14.16(+20%)VAT included price £16.99


  5+ quilted blankets get 15% disc   £12.04 each

Superior quality removal blankets, 1.8 x 2 metre
Padded, durable & each blanket weighs approx 2.5kg
Search for Amazon quilted moving blankets or Ebay removal blankets & compare our prices you will be shocked at how cheap we are.

Quilted heavy duty removal blankets for furniture

Ask about larger discounts, especially collected blankets.

Size of blankets; 1.8m x 2m quilted storage blankets, approx 6ft by 6ft-6inch

Weight of each blanket is around 2.5kg, so they are strong and hard wearing blankets

Compare Amazon quilted moving blankets or Ebay furniture blankets, we buy the quilted blankets in bulk to give you the best prices.


Used in the removals, transport and furniture manufacturing trades to protect from scratches, dust and potential damage.

Reusable, hard-wearing quality removal blankets.

Useful for (among other things) chairs, beds, sofas, cabinets, wardrobes and for lining the floors of vans.

Heavy duty – `removal company quality` furniture blankets

Ideal for protecting expensive furniture from scratches and damage when moving house or office

Other uses for these furniture blankets are whilst decorating to cover th floors and when you are having any building work done to cover your sideboards, settees, dining room tables and other furniture.

Dust covers for cars and furniture, reusable and heavy duty. Also a cheap way to get a throw rug as these blankets are padded for added protection

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Quilted Furniture Blankets <br>Packs of 8; 1.8 x 2m quality moving pads

Quality quilted storage blankets, 1.8m x 2m
Packs of 8 quilted furniture blankets


Furniture Removal Blankets Std

Removal blankets 1.5x2m, house storage & Moving blankets for transporting goods safely


Furniture Moving Blankets LARGE

Large furniture moving blankets, 2 x 2.5m high quality moving blankets for removal firms


Hard Floor Covers</br> Carpet Protection Druggets

Carpet protection druggets for moving, used by removal companies to protect carpet/ hard flooring


Standard Moving Blankets</br>sold in Bales of 25

Standard 2x1.5m moving blankets, for protecting furniture from damage in removal vans


LARGE Removal blankets</br>For sale in bales of 15

Large removal blankets 2x2.5m for protecting goods in transit & for furniture storage


Strong Nylon Furniture Webbing</br>20m x 38mm high strength strapping

Strong Nylon van/ lorry webbing 38mm wide, strapping for furniture when moving home or transporting/ relocating goods


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