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Quality tape dispenser

Quality tape dispenser£8.29

Pistol grip warehouse tape dispenser

Foam edging 15-25mm 2m U profile  HW

Foam edging 15-25mm 2m U profile HW£1.66

2 metre foam U profile edge protector, foam protection & cushioning of goods in transit

Marker pen

Marker pen£0.83

Marker Pen, thick point black or blue ink for marking the boxes when moving home

Clear Pallet-wrap 20µ 300m
50cm wide stretch-wrap standard core

Clear Pallet-wrap 20µ 300m</br>50cm wide stretch-wrap standard core
Excl VAT:  £10.79(+20%)VAT included price £12.95

  6 rolls of palletwrap get 18% discount £8.85 each

24 rolls of palletwrap get 24% discount £8.20 each

Please note these ar 20 micron thickness palletwrap

They are 50cm wide not the standard 40cm film wrap

Blown not cast palletwrap & standard core.

Pallet wrap 20micron 300m x 50cm Extra wide wrap

These rolls of clear palletwrap are standard core, not extended core so require an applicator

Quality 20 micron strength stretchwrap for light commercial (pallets) or house moving use.

These rolls of stretchwrap are 50cm wide (500mm width) standard rolls of palletwrap are usually 40cm wide (400mm width)

This stretch wrap is 300metres long, 50cm wide and 20 micron density.

You will need a palletwrap dispenser for these rolls.

These 50cm rolls can and are use by removal companies and general house movers but please note they are 50cm wide rolls and they do require a dispenser.

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Black pallet-wrap 17µ 300m</br>40cm wide Extended core Stretchwrap

Black pallet-wrap Ext core 17 micron 300m x 40cm with handles, black stretchwrap for hiding contents


Hand-saver palletwrap dispenser</br>Simple stretchwrap clutched applicator

Hand saver palletwrap applicator, budget stretchwrap dispenser for 38mm core pallet-wrap


Pallet-wrap 20µ 300m rolls</br> 40cm wide Extended core stretchwrap

Pallet-wrap 20µ 40cm wide stretch-wrap with easy dispensing handles, no dispenser required


Pallet-wrap handsaver</br>38mm core dispenser yellow

Pallet-wrap hand-saver applicator, yellow stretchwrap dispenser 38mm core manual holder


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