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Brown packing tape

Brown packing tape£1.25


Brown tape 66 metres x 50mm (2" wide) packaging tape

Bubblewrap 300mm x 100m

Bubblewrap 300mm x 100m£10.79

Bubblewrap 30cm wide rolls small bubble, bundles of 5, bubble-wrap for plates & small ornaments

Cardboard Storage Boxes 16x16x16 inch

Cardboard Storage Boxes 16x16x16 inch£2.50

Cardboard storage boxes double wall square box, 410mm cubed

Rolls of Bubble wrap 750mm x 100m

Rolls of Bubble wrap 750mm x 100m
Excl VAT:  £20.79(+20%)VAT included price £24.95

2 rolls of bubblewrap get 10% discount £18.71

4 rolls of bubblewrap get 15% discount £17.67

8 rolls of bubblewrap get 20% discount £16.63

Buy bubblewrap in larger quantities, please call to discuss your requirements.

Bubble wrap 750mm x 100m roll of standard bubblewrap

Bubble wrap rolls, trade bundles are the full size rolls not short rolls?
750 mm wide x 100 m length full trade sized rolls of standard bubblewrap
Ask about our collected prices on bubble-wrap from our showroom near birmingham.

Collect rolls of standard bubblewrap in person and take any quantity from one box to a van full!

Size: Width: 750mm (29.5″) Length: 100m (328′) Thickness: 4mm

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Bubblewrap 1000mm x 100m


Bubblewrap 1 metre wide bundle of small bubble for protecting large pictures/ TVs & furniture


Bubblewrap 1200mm x 100m

Bubblewrap 1.2m wide roll of standard bubble-wrap for wrapping large furniture & fridge freezers


Bubblewrap 1500mm x 100m

Bubblewrap 150cm full size bundle of std bubble-wrap for large furniture & manufactured goods


Bubblewrap 300mm x 100m

Bubblewrap 30cm wide rolls small bubble, bundles of 5, bubble-wrap for plates & small ornaments


Bubblewrap 400mm x 100m

Bubblewrap 40cm wide rolls standard size bubble-wrap for large ornaments, pictures & furniture


Bubblewrap 500mm x 100m


Bubblewrap 500mm wide rolls of 10mm bubble-wrap for larger ornaments to manufactured goods


Bubblewrap 600mm x 100m

Bubblewrap 60cm wide rolls standard sized bubble, used to wrap furniture & paintings.


Bubblewrap padded bags 36×31″</br>Large stocks of bubble bags

Bubblewrap pouches padded picture frame protection, bubble-wrap pouch for TVs, paintings & artwork 915 x 815mm


Bubblewrap Padded Bubble Bags 45x45″</br>Large stocks of bubblewrap pouches

Large bubble-wrap bags, picture frame protection pouches, big bubblewrap sleaves for TVs, picture frames & paintings 1145 x 1145mm


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