Bubblewrap std 10mm bubble

Full Size Rolls of Bubblewrap Std 10mm Bubble

Standard sized 10mm bubblewrap, by far the most popular sized rolls, please note that ours are the full trade sized rolls and not the much smaller rolls of bubblewrap you might buy from self storage facilities of even the high street stationary companies. 100 metre length rolls of bubble wrap sounds like too much and you would never use all of it,  but you will!

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Bubblewrap 300mm x 100m

Bubblewrap 30cm wide rolls small bubble, bundles of 5, bubble-wrap for plates & small ornaments


Bubblewrap 400mm x 100m

Bubblewrap 40cm wide rolls standard size bubble-wrap for large ornaments, pictures & furniture


Bubblewrap 500mm x 100m


Bubblewrap 500mm wide rolls of 10mm bubble-wrap for larger ornaments to manufactured goods


Bubblewrap 600mm x 100m

Bubblewrap 60cm wide rolls standard sized bubble, used to wrap furniture & paintings.


Bubblewrap 750mm x 100m

Bubblewrap 75cm wide rolls, half a full bundle of bubble-wrap small fridge & washing machines


Bubblewrap 1000mm x 100m


Bubblewrap 1 metre wide bundle of small bubble for protecting large pictures/ TVs & furniture


Bubblewrap 1200mm x 100m

Bubblewrap 1.2m wide roll of standard bubble-wrap for wrapping large furniture & fridge freezers


Bubblewrap 1500mm x 100m

Bubblewrap 150cm full size bundle of std bubble-wrap for large furniture & manufactured goods


Bubblewrap 500mm x 5m

5 metre roll of bubblewrap 50cm wide small roll for retail customers


Bubblewrap large padded bubble bags 36×31″</br>Large stocks of bubble bags

Bubblewrap pouches padded picture frame protection, bubble-wrap pouch for TVs, paintings & artwork 915 x 815mm


Bubblewrap Padded Bubble Bags 45x45″</br>Large stocks of bubblewrap pouches

Large bubble-wrap bags, picture frame protection pouches, big bubblewrap sleaves for TVs, picture frames & paintings 1145 x 1145mm



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Many Uses for Small Bubble Bubblewrap

We stock standard (or small) bubble wrap in full trade sized rolls, 100 metre rolls of bubblewrap with a 10mm standard diameter bubble. We sell single rolls of bubble wrap or multiple rolls in pre-packed bundles, with bubble wrap rolls in widths of 30, 40, 50, 60 and 75mm widths and 1000, 1200, and upto 1500mm or 1.5metre wide.

The standard bubble has 4 times the density of bubbles compared to the large bubblewrap, reducing the potential damage caused when the bubbles breaks, such as on sharp edges or corners or when an item is dropped or just put down heavily.  The smaller or standard bubblewrap has 100 metres on a roll compared to the larger bubble-wrap rolls which only have 50m, even though the larger rolls look bigger.

wrapping a vase with bubblewrap

Buy 5m rolls upto 100m full size trade rolls, if the removal companies can use several rolls of bubblewrap to pack your goods, maybe you should be carefull when trying to buy the general smaller 50m rolls.  It is so easy to run out and you will use far more than you think!

A range of small to large packs of bubblewrap

Visit our boxes & bubblewrap store on the outskirts of Birmingham, not from from the NEC & Birmingham Airport and we have everything in stock and in volumes to supply bubblewrap to the trade and wholesale so we definitely have enough for our retail customers.

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