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Cardboard Removal Boxes<br>18x13x13 '' Movers Boxes

Cardboard Removal Boxes
18x13x13 " Movers Boxes

Cardboard movers boxes 18x13x13 ", strong double wall removal boxes

Clear packing tape 50mmx 66m

Clear packing tape 50mmx 66m£1.25

Clear tape 50mmx 66m (2" wide) box packing tape

Marker pen

Marker pen£0.83

Marker Pen, thick point black or blue ink for marking the boxes when moving home

Bubblewrap 500mm x 5 metre Retail Packs

Bubblewrap 500mm x 5 metre Retail Packs
Excl VAT:  £2.50(+20%)VAT included price £3.00

2 rolls of bubblewrap get 10% discount £2.25

4 rolls of bubblewrap get 15% discount £2.13

8 rolls of bubblewrap get 20% discount £2.00

Shorter retail packs of pre-cut 5m bubblewrap

Bubblewrap in 5 metre retail lengths

Short lengths of bubblewrap, included in our removals packs

small lengths of bubblewrap for smaller moves

Bubble wrap in ideal lengths for selling online such as ebay

When you don't need a full 100m roll of bubblewrap.


5 metres x 500mm of small 10mm bubblewrap - the universal standard for most rolls bubble wrap

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Bubblewrap padded bags 36×31″</br>Large stocks of bubble bags

Bubblewrap pouches padded picture frame protection, bubble-wrap pouch for TVs, paintings & artwork 915 x 815mm


Bubblewrap Padded Bubble Bags 45x45″</br>Large stocks of bubblewrap pouches

Large bubble-wrap bags, picture frame protection pouches, big bubblewrap sleaves for TVs, picture frames & paintings 1145 x 1145mm


Bubblewrap 300mm x 100m

Bubblewrap 30cm wide rolls small bubble, bundles of 5, bubble-wrap for plates & small ornaments


Rolls of Bubble wrap 750mm x 100m

Bubblewrap 75cm wide rolls, half a full bundle of bubble-wrap small fridge & washing machines


Bubblewrap 500mm x 100m


Bubblewrap 500mm wide rolls of 10mm bubble-wrap for larger ornaments to manufactured goods


Large bubblewrap 500mm x 50m

Large 20mm bubblewrap 500mm x 50m the larger bubble-wrap bubbles offer more protection


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