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Cardboard Boxes 10x10x10 Inch Cubed box

Cardboard Boxes 10x10x10 Inch Cubed box
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10 Inch Cubed cardboard boxes double walled

10x10x10 inch double wall cubed box, this is a strong cardboard box

Strong square cardboard boxes for moving books, small plates and other heavy but smaller items

Brand new boxes made from a mixture of reconstituted/ recycled paper and wood pulp from renewable sources

Stackable cardboard boxes for moving, heavy duty use, often supplied to car parts manufacturers and distributors

For heavier items such as cans, jars and other heavier household items.

Ideal for packing items for house removals & moving home

These cubed cardboard boxes are brand new, have no print on them and are a comfortable size to pick up and carry

Cubed cardboard box sizes:

Inches: 10x10x10 inch (10″ high) cubed boxes,
Metric: 254 x 254 x 254mm (254 mm tall) cubed cardboard boxes.

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