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Hard/ Wooden Floor Protectors</br>Carpet protection druggets 2.7m long

Hard/ Wooden Floor Protectors
Carpet protection druggets 2.7m long

Carpet protection druggets for moving, used by removal companies to protect carpet/ hard flooring

Stair Rods for drugget carpet protectors

Stair Rods for drugget carpet protectors£41.66

Carpet stair rods for fixing carpet protectors into place, drugget fixing protection rods

Carpet & Floor Covers, Extra Long
Carpet protection druggets, 7.6metres

Carpet & Floor Covers, Extra Long</br>Carpet protection druggets, 7.6metres
Excl VAT:  £33.29(+20%)VAT included price £39.95

  2 carpet protectors get   5% disc  £31.63 each
  5 floor protectors get    10% trade £29.96 each
10 Hard floor protectors 15% trade £28.30 each

The Extra Length carpet protection 7.6 metres (25ft), very long

Reusable carpet protection druggets - Extra Long

Floor protecting druggets are made from recycled non-woven fabric, foam backed for reduced slip.

Hard floor protectors have rounded corners & the edge is over sewn to stop freying, so they last longer.

Hard wearing a durable high quality floor coverings, more than double the length of standard floor protectors.
Heavy duty – `removal company quality` extra length druggets, floor protectors.
Druggets are used for protecting carpet when moving, renovating or decorating your house.
Used by builders and decorators for protecting carpets and wooden floors whilst walking to and from each room.
The Extra long druggets have been used by professional carpet cleaning companies to protect carpet and flooring from hot pipes</br>

Floor protector sizes

Size: 28 inches wide (2'-4") x 300" ( 25ft )

Metric: 70cm x 7600cm ( 0.70m x 7.6m )

Carpet protection trade discounts for the Extra long carpet protectors

Quantity discounts for trade/ wholesale supplies

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Hard/ Wooden Floor Protectors</br>Carpet protection druggets 2.7m long

Carpet protection druggets for moving, used by removal companies to protect carpet/ hard flooring


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