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Cardboard Wardrobe Boxes 4ft tall

Cardboard Wardrobe Boxes 4ft tall  (1)

Wardrobe storage box with handles, inc hanging bar, temporary wardrobe boxes 1220mm/ 4ft tall, the professional house movers choice


Cardboard Book Boxes 18 x 12 x 12''

Cardboard Book Boxes 18 x 12 x 12"  (1)

Very strong double walled boxes, ideal book box also heavy files, cans & jars 457 x 305 x 305mm


Removal Boxes 18 x 18 x 12'' MEDIUM

Removal Boxes 18 x 18 x 12" MEDIUM  (2)

Medium size house removal boxes, mid range storage boxes for moving 457 x 457 x 305mm


Removal Boxes 18 x 18 x 20'' LARGE

Removal Boxes 18 x 18 x 20" LARGE  (1)

Large removal boxes, self-storage cardboard boxes for toys & bulky items 457 x 457 x 510mm


where to buy Cardboard Boxes in Rugby

At The Box Warehouse we have one of the UK’s biggest ranges of cardboard boxes available online to solve any packaging, storage or shipping problem. For choice, value and quality of cardboard boxes we are unrivalled. We have a vast range of sizes of single and double wall boxes in our warehouse, ready for immediate dispatch. When it comes to finding the right size of cardboard cartons, you need look no further. At The Box Warehouse we offer high quality and cost-effective solutions to all your packaging, storage and shipping needs across Rugby and the surrounding areas. As one of the UK’s largest supplier of cardboard boxes we can solve any packaging, storage or shipping. Whether your moving home, posting valued possessions or archiving important documents, we stock the perfect box for you.

Buy Cardboard Removal Boxes

As a supplier of cardboard boxes throughout Rugby we offer quality card boxes, we offer a wide range including strong double wall cardboard boxes to smaller single wall storage and postal boxes for lighter weight parcels. We stock a range heavy duty expert quality cardboard boxes for commercial use or smaller postal boxes for non-commercial customers.

Single Wall Boxes

Single walled boxes are lighter in weight, but there is a range in quality from the light weight postal boxes to the much stronger yet single walled boxes used for moving home. If you are sending goods by post then the weight of a box makes a difference, but when moving the strength is more important, consider your requirements when choosing the correct single walled boxes for the task.

House Moving Kits in Rugby

House removal packs, ready for collection or delivery to your home, we have built a range or moving kits for moving, from a one bedroom flat, houses with 2 plus bedrooms and for removals companies to be supplied direct to your customers. Our range of house moving kits are also aimed at self-storage users, where you need a range of strong and durable large boxes and small boxes for storing and stacking.

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes ner Rugby

We stock a range of strong double wall boxes, two corrugated walled cardboard boxes. Our double wall boxes range from small double wall postal boxes, to medium sized removal boxes and storage boxes to larger boxes for moving the lighter bulkier items. We also stock and sell larger double wall boxes for industrial and commercial storage and transportation of goods. If you need strong double wall boxes, please call today for more information or place your order online to get delivery the next working day by overnight national courier or even order your cardboard boxes from us today and we can offer our local same day delivery service of boxes to your warehouse or office.

Cardboard Storage Boxes

We stock a selection of light and heavy-duty cardboard boxes at our Rugby based showroom. Whether your moving home or just looking for a storage alternative, we have the box for you. The heavy-duty box packs are the ideal packing boxes for moving home, storage and shipping. The heavy-duty boxes are made from double wall corrugate to ensure they are strong enough to protect the contents inside and can also be stacked on top of each other so you can make full use of the space on the removal van or in your storage unit. If you’re looking for boxes to protect and store small, light items, choose the single walled light duty cardboard packing boxes and mailboxes. These are great for shipping items by post as they are strong enough to protect the contents but light enough to keep postage costs down.

Wardrobe Boxes

The team at The Box Warehouse also supply a range of cardboard wardrobe boxes that are excellent for storing your clothes during your move. Cardboard Wardrobe boxes offer complete protection to your clothes during your house move. Each box comes with hanging bars. This means that you can leave your clothes hung during the removal process. Each wardrobe offers space at the bottom for accessories such as shoes, handbags, belts etc.

Large & Small Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes can be great for storing away your unwanted clothing into the attic, because it cost a lot and is in great condition, and you feel that you may indeed wear them in the future, but at present you never wear them and they are just taking up space in the cupboard. Our range of heavy-duty boxes for moving can be used to move your laptop to your new home, because it will be strong enough to hold the weight and big enough to move this in them, and we have lots of these which will be ideal for this purpose. Some of our large and small cardboard boxes include:
  • House Removal Moving Kits
  • Moving Box Packs
  • House Removal Boxes & Storage Boxes
  • Double Wall Cardboard Boxes
  • Single Wall Cardboard Boxes
  • Cardboard Wardrobe Boxes

What are Double Wall Cardboard Boxes?

Double wall is the double corrugation separated by a layer of paper, the second wall gives much stronger and more rigid cardboard box, less likely to buckle or crush when stacked. We would always recommend using the stronger double walled boxes for strength, but also durability, as these boxes can be used again, gift them forward to friends that are moving or keep the boxes after you have moved, for future use.

Searching for Where to Buy Cardboard Boxes Near Rugby Choose The Box Warehouse

Our range of cardboard storage boxes and postal boxes is growing, we listen to our customer suggestions and develop our stock to suit, please call if you cannot find the cardboard box or storage carton you are looking for, we have been known to have cardboard boxes made to order for customers who buy specific boxes regularly, which we will then add to our cardboard boxes for general sale, so any business, warehouse, home mover or removal firm are able buy them.

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